Question: Shipping in Two Boxes?

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  1. I sold an item that had a bunch of items bundled together - I offered free shipping on the it. I realized today that these items will not all fit in one large flat rate box - if I ship in a non-flat rate box it will cost about $40 to ship. If I ship two large flat rate boxes it will be about $30 to ship.

    Do I lose the seller protection if I ship the auction in two boxes instead of one? I'm going to have seller confirmation for both boxes.
  2. Not sure kuz what happens if one box shows up and not the other? Since the "item" is a bunch of items bundled together, how would PP determine the amount of the claim if one box got lost?

    Have you called PP? That's what I would do. Ask them.
  3. The boxing should make no difference, if the buyer receives them both in as-sent condition and you have insured and paid for tracking services. I don't think I've ever seen language requiring one box only. After all, for people who buy dinnerware or other things that are fragile and bulky, one box often is not the safest way to have them shipped.
  4. Well I did some digging and since you can't put two tracking numbers in the Paypal tracking info - I just sent it via UPS in one box, cause it was $15 cheaper than USPS for the same box. The ship time is about the same.
  5. Me neither. I haven't seen a clause canceling Seller Protection if the item is shipped in more than one package. But if part of the shipment never arrives, what then? PP has no way to split the transaction amount between the two boxes because the buyer paid for a bunch of items in one transaction. So if a box gets lost and the buyer opens an INR dispute, it would have to be for the entire amount, no? And if the seller can't provide delivery confirmation for one of the boxes, then she would lose the claim, wouldn't she?

    And what if there's a SNAD dispute because of one of the bundled items in the "item" is not as described (per the buyer)?

    So while I think shipping in multiple boxes wouldn't void seller protection, I also think that it could complicate matters. IDK. That's why I would ask PP.
  6. Just saw this. I was also wondering about the tracking code because usually you can enter only one, so I'm glad you confirmed that for us.

    Sounds like you got a good deal. :yes:
  7. The seller can insure each package separately, using some reasonable formula on the basis of the contents and the total paid for the sale. If I sell $365 of dishes and it gets sent out in two boxes, one is insured for $180 and the other is insured for $185, and both have del. confirmation. I think it would be straightforward for a PP claim on the one box, for the amount insured. The seller could easily present the breakdown.

    Not that reasoning with Paypal is ever fun.
  8. PP doesn't break down the transaction amount. As far as I know.
  9. Wow. That's illogical and punishing to sellers who have to use multiple boxing for shipping. Ah well.

    Good that OP worked it out.
  10. Interesting question - I have received items in multiple boxes. As someone mentioned, dishes, glasses and other stuff like that. Super fragile. Fortunately, no issues - I never thought of what PP would do if only part of the package went astray...Guess the best would be to have Buyer and Seller agree on a partial refund and, if they can't, have the one box that made it safely returned to Seller who then gives a full refund. Seller then makes the claim to USPS for the box that went astray. I assume that USPS will assign a different tracking number and insurance amount to each box, right?