Question Selling a bag that has been r/o please

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  1. I have a couple of bags that i want to sell. Both are authentic but they were outlet bags.

    i did purchase both on ebay a while ago from different sellers. i really never used them.

    i think it might be a violation for me to sell them because the "insert name here* scratches out the serial number off the creed.

    I think it would be a copyright infrignment against the designer and it would be against ebay's policy correct?

    i think some outlet store do that on purpose to prevent resale ?

    when i purchased the bags i didnt know at the time it was probably not allowed. Nor did i know or remember that the info (serial number removed) was disclosed on the listing. both were from power sellers. its been a while so i doubt its reportable. even if it was , it would be no harm no foul if i kept the bags.

    now i want to get rid of them. i just don't think i will ever use them.

    opinions? any other way to sell.. donate to charity? i don't want to loose my good seller status for a *insert price here* over this type of issue.
  2. I'm sorry, but I'm confused about your post. I don't know what you mean with "insert name here* and *insert price here*...I don't quite follow you about losing your seller status... Andn how is a scratch on a creed a copyright violation?

    Are you 100% they're authentic? And if they are, you're gonna give them away?
  3. yes they are authentic. i was avoiding disclosing the designer. and not trying advertise the price.

    wrote that post at 6am.. lol (i will PM you the info)
  4. Why not disclose the designer? And you don't have to mention the price when you post the info here. There's no need to PM. Just clarify the situation.
  5. oh.. the designer is Brighton. they scratch off the serial number on their outlet handbags.

    i read sometime ago a post on ebay that it might be a copyright infringement if you sell one of their outlet bags. they don't even like their bags sold on ebay.

    [SIZE=-1]Q: If I purchase legitimate Brighton products at the company Outlet Store or Employee Sales, can I re-sell those items on eBay?

    A: All products sold at the BrightonFactory Outlet or Employee sales are sold on the condition that they will be used solely for personal use and not for resale. Any sale of such goods will be in violation of the condition, and will not be a legitimate sale of Brightonproducts.
  7. What if you posted a disclaimer that the bags are "from your personal collection" and that you are not a reseller?

    AND -- if you didn't buy them from the outlet, how are you to know that policy :smile:
    I'd just list them -- if e-bay says anything, tell them you bought them from other auctions (i'm sure they can look it up in the records if they choose)
  8. You didn't purchase them for the purpose of reselling. The company cannot limit what you do with your personal property. They can refuse to sell to you if they feel you are only buying to resell.

    I say list them and make sure you say they are from your personal collection and you will be fine.
  9. IMO - I think that means they will not honor the warranty, which they will not do if purchased from a source other than Brighton-authorized sellers (I think this is stated on their website). I have sold many Brighton bags without a problem.
  10. Thanks.. that is definitely an option.