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  1. I have my heart set on black vp as my first pair.
    I was just wondering do minibouts or slinbacks (both in black) ever go on sale?

  2. The Minibouts have already gone on sale. Different slingbacks do get marked down, but if you want a specific answer you'll have to ask about a specific slingback style. If you mean the NPs, then I'd say no. At lease not in black. They are considered a classic.
  3. Yeah, NPs don't go for a cheaper price, even on ebay. You might be able to find O My Slings for a good price if you're lucky.
  4. Yeah, I've never seen black VP's or NP's on sale, and very rarely below retail even on ebay. If you go the ebay route, be sure to post the auction in the authentication thread since these are faked really frequently.
  5. Do double check for authentification on the CL threads.....there are so many fakes on Ebay and the black, classic style seem to be the most predominant.
  6. ^^The first one is black kid leather with a red tip, the second is black patent leather with a burgundy tip. Otherwise, they are the same.