Question: Saks Fifth

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  1. Question for those who went to Saks fifth store recently... esp. NYC Saks Fifth

    Have you ever seen Rosen in lavender in store anywhere?

    I am thinking of buying this bag during their triple point back + $400 GC promotion... but I cannot find an item number for Rosen... do they carry Rosen at all? :hysteric:


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  2. Hmm.. that's a tough one. I know Bloomies carries it in this color, but not sure if Saks has it. Maybe you can call Bloomies or MJ boutique to get the style number and then call Saks to see if they carry it?
  3. Adorable bag! I haven't seen it anywhere though, sorry.
  4. oh oh good idea.. didn't realize I could do that.. power of brainstorming!! LOL Thanks!
  5. That's a really pretty bag!!!! GL! I hope you find it!
  6. I have not seen that in my Saks (San Francisco); only in the MJ boutique so far!
  7. I have only seen this bag in Bloomies.
  8. I saw it at Bloomies at Fashion Island
  9. I've only seen that bag there in black and this ivory/tan color (I think, I don't 100% remember).