Question(s) for you Carly lovers...

  1. Just lost my faithful Signature Khaki/White demi pouch, and I think it's time for an upgrade, so I've been looking at the Carly (in medium, maybe large). I love how it slouches online, but every time I see one in real like, they seem sort of stiff - how long does it take to break one in? Is there a difference in the amount of slouch for the leather VS. signature? Is the Cotton Signature easy to clean? Is the Cotton Signature currently available in the medium size?

    I remember seeing it for the first time in Brown/Chambray Blue - and I was in love, but without a job :sweatdrop: I wish they'd bring that color back...

    Well, the questions seemed to keep coming as I started thinking more :smile: Looking forward to your responses!
  2. my black leather is completely broken in...the leather is so soft that the bag will not stand up on its own unless something is in it. the sides droop and everything...but i love the slouchy look. my leather carly is almost a year old.

    my brown signature is newer (obviously) but i use it a lot. I like the slouch on this bag better, but i think because it's a different fabric, so i like the way that it's still structured yet slouchy a bit.
  3. My large khaki/saddle is not stiff at all. Once you take all the stuffing out and put your items in the bag the perfect sloutch forms.

    I love my large Carly and definitely plan on adding a few more.
  4. I think the stiffness is just from the tissue inside.. they jam pack it in! Once you take the tissue out it instantly softens up. I have never tried the leather, but I have the large in chocolate sig and I LOVE her!!! I tried the medium (twice!)lol and decided although I don't love big bags, the large was it for me, because when she slouches she is not huge and I can reach right in her and get my stuff.. to ME the medium slouch used up the whole bag and looked sloppy. I love the carly!!!! :tup:
  5. My 2 large black sig. and khaki/saddle have a great slouch. I do have the Med cotton choc. but it really dosent slouch that much. Im thinking its probably just the material.
    Which ever you choose, Carlys are AWSOME!
  6. Oh it slouches LOTS. My new Large Khaki/black slouches so much sometimes it's hard to get into it! I put it down and it sinks into itself and looks like it's pouting lol.
  7. I have a large khaki/gold carly and that was my concern too when i first bought it, i was afraid it was gonna be too stiff. but once you take all the stuffing out and put your stuff in, there's no need to break into it at all. It slouches immediately and just looks amazing when you hang it on your arm. No matter how many things you put in or how little it slouches the same. the medium carly doesn't slouch as much, but it still slouches nice. I'm not too sure on the leather ones though and the cotton sig ones are almost the same but they are a little bit more stiffer due to the material. hth!
  8. Thanks for the answers, ladies! Sounds like I'll have to decide if I want a medium or a large (for the slouch) ;)
  9. I also bought a few mediums (FOUR, actually LOLOLOL) before I realized that was why I didnt like the medium!!!!!! It wasnt the CARLY, it was the SLOUCH on the medium!!!! My large khaki/saddle Carly is coming TODAY and I cant wait to see that slouch b/c it looks HOT on everyone here!!!! Please check out our thread "Carly Club" too!!! Hopefully you will join us soon!!!
  10. If you take the stuffing out they slouch almost immediately.
  11. I have the medium khaki saddle and I've been using it for a week. It slouched the first day I used it. It's very comfortable and easy to get into while on my shoulder.
  12. they are making a red carly :smile: