Question(s) about a birth control blunder I made

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  1. My first time posting on this board so hi all.

    About 2 weeks ago I realized that I accidently took 2 pills in one day so I ended my pack a day earlier. I gave my doctor a call and he said to start my next pack on the sunday after my period.

    I assumed that it would be the sunday after my period ended but I just read the instruction pamphlet and I didn't know sunday starts are after when your period starts, even if you're bleeding. So my period started last saturday and here I am thinking I should wait til this coming sunday when I should have started this past sunday.

    So now i'm guessing I should hold off on taking pills this month and wait for my next period to start a new pack since I missed my window to take them. So my question is, I've been on the pill for so long now and I don't know how this blunder will affect my body. Is it ok that I'm taking a month off from the pills? Will my cycle be messed up? I'm afraid that my body will be a bit confused from the hormone absence than reintroducing them so quick after stopping. Has this happened to anyone before? I will speak to my doctor on Monday but I would really appreciate thoughts and comments in the meantime.

  2. Why do you need to wait a month?? So you messed up and waited a week too long(aka you waited one Sunday too long), it's no biggie. Just start your pills this Sunday.

    There's no "window" to worry about. You'll be fine starting them this Sunday. IMHO you would be doign MORE harm THAN good to your body if you waited a month. Right now your body is "off" by one week, but waiting a month would put your body "off" by an entire month.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. You made a good point and I didn't think of it that way and just assumed that it would be best to wait for my next period to have a clean start.
  4. No need to wait. I agree it is better to get started. If there is any concern of pregnancy it is always recommended to use an additional form of BC.

    Your period may be wacky but it all works itself out.