Question Regarding your PTI

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  1. I have a monogram PTI wallet,
    in the pocket behind the coin pocket i carry my cash, a few business cards, car ins papers and put my rec'ts in there ( but clean them out every day)
    then of course i have my coin pocket that has little change in there and a spare key for my car.
    then i have my 6 cards and behind that i have a few pic's, bills i need to keep handy,movie coupons and stuff like that.. nothing major.

    Well yesterday after going to do my banking( i did have 900$ in the lower pocket behind the cards and the wallet closed fine) i paid my bills and stopped for lunch. I ended getting about 3 $ in change and the wallet wouldnt close.
    the coin part did but the outter part wouldnt.. it seems once i out that change in there it was too much...

    Do any of you find this happening ?
  2. Yes, I find that sometimes I have too much change in the coin compartment and I shake the wallet side to side to spread the change evenly throught the compartment or just empty some of the change into my cles.
  3. I've wondered if I should invest in a cles as well..
    Hmmm just frustrates me that you cant fit much in a wallet that is so big.

  4. Investing in a cles next time would be smart.