Question regarding "thill" coin case

  1. I have been admiring mizzle's coin case in the reference section - it is rectangular with a gusset and divider, and has one silver snap. My SA is not familiar with it. Can anybody further describe it, or tell me if you know if its still in production. Also, what leathers, colors. I assume it comes in chevre, in black?

    I am on a mission to organize the contents of my birkin bag. I am almost there (pens are in the picolo pen case - black chevre; keys in the key case - black chevre; bills and credit cards - in the billfold - havane evergrain; security cards and business cards - in the euclide - blue jean epsom.) Loose coins are the only thing left to be rounded up and put into something.
  2. I believe that it's still in production: I saw in at the SCP boutique in a rich blue last December. It retailed between 500-700 dollars.
  3. j, I like the thill a lot and use it all the time. Haven't seen it in black, just the "skittles" type colors. I've seen it in the SoCal boutiques, and I think a couple of people have bought them in Las Vegas and Hawaii. Good luck!
  4. I looked at the thill the other day. It is still in production. I saw brights and neutral colors. My SA talked me out of it (I wanted as a card case) because he said that it does not open much. It is darling though.