Question regarding the Trim I

  1. ok so hopefully someone can clear this up for me. originally i thought this version was the first design. and also thought jackie-o's bag was a prime example. however a recent discussion w/ my SA has left me completely baffled. according to my SA, this is a JPG update! pardon my language, but wtf?:confused1:

    and if that's not confusing enough, i think i saw a pic of jackie's bag on a gucci article...:push: :shrugs:

    someone puh-lease clear this up for me. for the time being, i'm going to go through the magz in my leather bin and see if i still have that gucci article. but then again, it wouldn't be the first time the editors got it wrong! :rolleyes:

    p.s. i'm leaning towards the theory that my SA is mistaken. i mean why on earth would they name the original Trim II and the update Trim I? kwim? tia!
  2. Hmm...I know that Jackie O had a gucci bag that is v. similar to the trim 1 ,cant think that your sa was right but who knows...great question cant wait to hear all the info...
  3. ^ i know.. what's actually causing me to second-guess my SA is the naming convention of these bags. latter versions should be named with the next sequential number, not the other way around. just like MS Windows.

    i also can't wait to hear what the thoughts of the other H professors!
  4. I think your SA is confused about the updates JPG did to the Trim, like adding fringe on the bottom or adding a chain to the bottom.
  5. The Trim I is the original Jackie-O bag that you see in her pictures. This is the bag without the gusset and without the zipper closure at the top of the bag.

    The Trim II is the "newer" version which HAS the bottom gusset AND the zipper top.
  6. off topic - houston store has a gorgy trim II in toile and barenia with PH! tempting!
  7. I remember when J Kennedy was photographed with the barenia and toile Trim....I remember thinking.....what a great looking bag!

    40 years ago.....

    Hey, Shopmom, isn't yours just like hers?
  8. It's also difficult (at least for me!) to tell the difference sometimes between the Gucci and the Trim, especially when photographed being held, over the shoulder and up against the body. When looking at Jackie pictures, I'm never really sure. :shrugs:

  9.'s exactly the same and really pretty perfect for Spring/Summer.
  10. that's what i thought! thanks for the confirmation EVERYONE! and D, your trim is definitely tdf!
  11. ITA! JPG did some changes, but my Trim has the gussets and zipper and was bought while Martin Marghela was still the head designer. JPG did not add the gussets and such....
  12. Does anyone know approx. what year the Trim II was born? And, I'm assuming, the top zipper and gussets were introduced at the same time?
    (Silly question, perhaps, but Hermes can be *so* quirky, I have to ask!):p
  13. hmm..I'd like to know too! :yes:
  14. I have a couple of Trim II s with no zipper. Actually they "hang" a little prettier with no zipper.
  15. I never use the zipper on my Trim II.....they shouldn't have bothered with it, IMO.