Question regarding the purse style

  1. It seems the handles on the purse is longer then the city.. does anyone know this for sure? I'm trying to figure out what size Christina is wearing in these pics.
  2. yes the handles are longer than on the city
  5. You're welcome:smile:) And I know what u mean about this style. Something about the less structured look and the long handles!!! Yeah agree that red would be dreamy! But I think ink would be quite nice too:smile:
  6. Christina is pretty tiny and the purse looks great on her... ahh loving the purse right now! She has gone everywhere with that bag, hasn't she. :love:
  7. I really want the Purse style. I have been looking everywhere and it seems like my only choices are that orange/red color or the emerald. If anyone knows of where I could purchase a Purse in blue or another color please pm me! Thanks!!
  8. The bottom corners are also a little more rounded on the Purse compared to the city. I've posted a thread with pics comparing the City/Twiggy/Purse. Check it out.
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw one on ebay, in Ink?, listed though as a shopper or some other style. I don't know the seller--look at it carefully because I just looked at it in passing.
  10. I like the color of Christina's bag :smile:.
  11. I just received the purse style from Bluefly (The card says 05 so I'm pretty sure the color is caramel, though Bluefly described it as tan). I measured the strap drop--it's approx. 5.5 inches versus my city bag strap drop of 4.5 inches. The strap on the purse fits over my shoulder, but it would be very tight with a jacket or coat. I thought I'd really love this style, but I'm actually packing it up to send back. The bag seems flat and awkward and doesn't slouch like the city when loaded up. It just looks big and flat hanging on my shoulder. I'm not loving the color either. Here's a pic--
  12. i like the purse. will get one of these one day.
  13. I love the purse style ever since I saw the pics Kat had posted showing the differences. I had always thought it was much bigger. Nice change of pace from the City.
  14. I like the purse style too, but the handles don't fit on my shoulders and I'm not particularly huge, so I think you need to be really really thin to carry it that way.
  15. valerieb maybe you should try selling it over here first, maybe there'll be some takers. I love the color, if it was a city I might'v snatched it off you