question regarding the oversized clutch

  1. Hi guys!
    I am new to the prada part of the forum (usually in balenciaga), but i cannot get an oversized prada clutch that i saw this summer out of my mind. i fear that i have waited too late to get it, but it is black leather w/gathers (i am sure that yall know the technical terms for this), but it's really huge and would be a fab daytime clutch. i am dying for it, but worried that it is now too late! has anyone seen one at any of the prada's nationwide (u.s.)???? thanks so much!
  2. I saw it and almost bought it..However the latch inside it is VERY difficult to open!Its quite bulky to carry too so I ended up with another designer....
  3. Really? that is good to know...maybe if i dont find it then i will just take comfort in that :smile: thanks!