Question regarding the lining

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  1. I'm new to RM, just made my first purchase, a Studded Devote in Almond! So I've noticed that different bags have different linings, some striped, some floral, etc. Is this an indication of the season the bag came out? or the bagg that it is?
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    It's a temporal thing (not necessarily season). There's a thread with pics of the different linings in the Reference Library.

    ETA: here's the link:

    Older linings include Fleur-de-Lis, Blue Leopard, canvas solid colors, etc. More recent (last year) are B/W Paisley, B/W Mosaic, B/W Floral. Most recent are blue/white stripe, gray/white stripe, and a newer B/W Floral. The first B/W Floral (Waverly Fabrics Onyx Essence) has been popular in many SOs and has been brought back for some more current bags (wine, some teal, etc.).

    Linings are fun. :smile:
  3. Oh..I love the floral lining..
  4. Lining are very much random and subject to change at anytime. It's just the way it goes and there is no rhyme or reason:biggrin:
Thread Status:
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