question regarding size

  1. what wallet fits in the reg pouchette about the french purse? Is it a tight fit or good?? Maybe the ludlow??? :shrugs: TIA
  2. I used to use the Ludlow but realized I couldn't fit much in that wallet at all. I usually use either a mono billfold or my Groom Compact Zippe. I don't know about the french purse though, might be a little too big.
  3. I think it will be a tight fit. The regular pochette is 2'' tall, but the french purse is a little long . It also accomodates the koala, billford, zippy compact, and ludlow. Maybe one of these instead?
  4. I use the compact fits, but it is a tight squeeze...kind of makes it bulge a little. Now when I use my pochettes I just grab a CC & ID and throw it in a cles.
  5. ohhhh...a cles...thats a good idea!!:idea:
  6. I think a pocket organizer would be best, but it doesn't hold that much!
  7. A french purse can get pretty fat if you stuff it. So if you put the french purse in the pochette, you probably wouldn't be able to fit anything along the length of the french purse, but there's room on the side for lipstick and phone.