question regarding size of the multipocket reporter

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me on the size of the large reporter. I am 5'5, is it going to loo huge on me? Are they difficut to carry? Can you wear it as a shoulder bag? I spoke to a sa and she wasn't very helpful or encouraging for me to purchase it. She said to go with the smaller size because the large was being discontinued and it is difficult to carry. I am buying it on sale and the small is a few hundred dollars more. I wasn't sure if she was trying to make a sale or being honest. I appreciate any feedback, thanks!!

  2. I have the larger of the two sizes. I am 5'2" and I try to wear flats all the time and I think it's a nice size as I carry tons of stuff. I wear it as a shoulder bag and then on my arm. It's soft, so it doesn't feel bulky under the arm.
  3. I have the large black Reporter. The longest part of the bag is 12", the depth including where the front pocket extends is 7" and the height is 8". I can carry mine on my shoulder just fine. I love this bag. It is roomy and has all the pockets too. I am 5"6", but I don't think your height would prohibit you from carrying the bag well or enjoying it. Sounds like maybe the SA would just like to sell you the higher priced bag???? Bottom line, get the bag you want and feel most comfortable with.
  4. I have both the black and tan reporter in the large size. I'm 5'3" and about a size 2 and don't think it looks overwhelming. I always carry it on my shoulder. I would definitely get the large vs the small.
  5. Thanks everyone! I Now I think she did want me to buy the higher priced bag. She made it seem as if they were discontinuing the bag because it was so uncomfortable to carry and it was too large for certain people. I love big bags, I carry alot, and I can not pass up getting this bag on sale! I cant wait until it arrives!!! Thanks!
  6. Glad you decided to purchase it! I absolutely love my Reporter and still feel it was my best Chanel investment. It's roomy, beautiful to look at, and definitely great for people who like a big bag! The pockets don't hold a lot but the inside fits the essentials and more.
  7. I love mine also! I can never fill it up all the way..most of the time the outside pockets are empty lol. But I'm 5'2 and don't feel that it overwhelms me at all!