Question regarding size of small/med/large/jumbo Classic Flaps

  1. I was wondering if anyone here who's also an LV owner can maybe compare the capacity of the Flaps to an LV bag? OR if you're not an LV owner, would you post what size you have and what occasions you use it for?

    also East/West flap

    I'm still deciding on which first Chanel to buy (although I'm thinking GST right now). I'm looking for a bag that's pretty functional and can be dressed up and down. So far the GST fits those criteria, but I also really like the flaps but I'm not sure how practical they are.

    Thank you so much!! :flowers:
  2. Hi Karman, the jumbo is close in size to your beverly. the east west is really cute, but imo just for night time or when you want just some lip gloss and a few things. I love the jumbo flap, I think it looks great, alot of pfer women love the medium/ large as it is a good size if your are petit. I think you would like the jumbo flap, it holds alot and you can use it day and night, and of of course the GST is a great bag.
  3. Thank sjunky!

    I really like the East/West but I guess it's probably not much larger than an LV pochette.

    Anyone else?
  4. karman, i really prefer the jumbo as i can wear it messenger style or as a shoulder bag, plus it's quite huge and you can fit alot.

    The E/W is, like u said, more like the LV pochette. Not very practical unless you don't carry a lot with you

    I think BB10lue can help you out as i think you guys are similar in height, and she has both jumbo's and GST
  5. Thanks for your input kasumi :yes:

    What do you say about the large? I've seen the Jumbo and it's...quite Jumbo. I'm beginning to like larger bags now, so I'm guessing small/med are out of the question for me. I love the E/W when I saw it in the boutique but yeah...I will probably only be able to fit my phone, small wallet, key holder and a few misc items inside.
  6. Thanks sophia!

    I'm guessing the only flap that can hold the LV sunnies case is jumbo though...?
  7. i love the gst but it can get pretty heavy. i have the pst and i love it (same capacity as the poppincourt haut). of all the flaps, i like the look of the e/w the best but the roominess of the large. the jumbo is too big for me (i am just 5"1'). i still have to buy my first flap. i'm leaning more towards the beige classic med flap in caviar leather.
  8. I dont carry too much daytime stuff around, and recently got the e/w, it is a divine bag, as you really can use it from day to night if you only really carry lipgloss, wallets, keys and a phone, but I then managed to find a medium with bijoux chain, which was exactly what I wanted. The medium for me is perfect as I am not tall, and again, dont carry too much around. I have a piccie of the e/w and my medium together here, which gives an idea of the diff in size. I would have been able to use my e/w during the day, so if it does make your hear flutter, dont discount it ;)


    hope that helps, Im sorry I cannot compare them with LV sizes for you ;)
  9. I have a medium classic flap. It really doesn't hold much. I have a small LV wallet for drivers license and a couple of cards and cash. If I use that, I can put my glasses in. They are in a hard case and I need to carry my rx sunglasses with me. Because of the limitations of this particular design, I only use the bag for occasions when I don't need to carry lots of stuff. I was told by a Chanel SA at Bloomingdales in NY years ago that the bag was designed to hold "cabfare, a key, and a lipstick." I treat this particular bag carefully. I have others for everyday use. ;)
  10. Chloe-babe, is it true that you can fit the same amount in the E/W, as the medium classic flap?
  11. I love medium classic flap
  12. Love both bags above (picture) - the medium and east/west. Is the e/w half the price of the medium?

    Apparently, there's no medium and large size as I've just learned they're both the same size (10" x 6" x 3") but some call it "medium" and some call it "large". Also known as the "double-flap" bag.
  13. THanks so much for the pic chloe-babe, I love your E/W!! I want one in white :drool: