Question regarding Silverado sizes..

  1. I think I am clear that the medium Silverado is about 15" x 7"x5", is there a larger one, and if so, does anyone know the measurements?
  2. i think the larger one would be the doctor silverado? not sure tho!
  3. There's a large Silverado satchel same style as the medium. Don't know the measurements though.
  4. I think the measurements might be something like 20 L x 7 H x 6 D including the side pockets. I might be wrong. But I do remember trying it on last year and it was very wide and "barrely" on me. (I'm 5'2")
  5. Edna's measurements are accurate with regard to the 20 L and the 6 D - I think it's a tiny bit taller than the medium as well though, so probably slightly more than 7 H. And as she mentioned, I personally don't like the proportions of the large - even if you can wear it. (It looks "barrely" and duffle-bag-like on me as well.) The proportions of the medium just seem to suit the bag better IMO - the large size seems a bit off. And keep in mind that there was a mini size as well, which they don't produce any longer.
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