Question regarding shipping out a baby cabas....

  1. Hi all, this may be a silly question. But I am thinking about saying goodbye to my baby cabas, and since the bag and its white box are so HUGE, I am not sure how am I going to ship it out if I decide to sell on eBay. I don't know if what kind of shipping box will fit the white chanel box. For those of you who have had your baby cabas shipped to you (from a store or from eBay), or those who have sold yours on eBay, how did the store/seller/you pack your package??
  2. The one I got from NM came in a humongous brown cardboard box and inside it contained the original box and the bag.
  3. Id suggest trying to sell it without the box or make the buyer pay shipping charges.The box size makes the shipping charges HUGE.......Its ridiculous.So leave it up to the buyer if they want to pay the shipping charges.I personally wouldnt care about the box.I cant stand havin piles of these boxes anymore..LOL..I have way too many boxes and they clutter up my house as it is