Question regarding selling bags?

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  1. I have some bags I am thinking of selling on ebay, but I am not sure if I should. How do you all decide which bags to keep and which to let go of? I am the type who carries a bag for a year or so and then puts it away and doesn't usually carry it ever again...that being said, I am also the type who hates to let go of a bag on the off chance I might want to use it again, lol.

    Also, how do you decide on a price? I hate to sell bags for nothing, but don't want to overestimate their worth either.

    Hoping what I decide to sell will fund my first RM...if I can wait that long!

    I hope this is okay to post here...
  2. Well, I would do research on eBay to see what others have been able to sell their bags for. I'm assuming you're talking specifically about RM bags? If you are talking about bags in general, you might post this in the eBay forum.
  3. Bags in general. I will post this in the ebay forum instead. Or is there a way to just move this thread there? Thanks!
  4. Since you've asked so nicely - I imagine one of the mods will do that for you any second!:yes: