Question Regarding Purchasing Shoes From Barney's

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  1. I was wondering if somebody could answer a question for me please, on Saturday i purchased a pair of Lanvin pumps from Barney's. The transaction was done over the telephone as i live in the U.K. I am however having the shoes sent to my relatives address in Seattle (she is coming over to the U.K. in 2 weeks time) the shoes were $510 when they first thought they were being sent to the U.K. plus $50 delivery. I thought it would be easier and cheaper to have them sent to my relations but then they charged me an extra $44.88 in tax:confused1: , so the shoes were $554.88 plus $12 delivery, i do not understand this. I have just purchased some t-shirts online and had them sent to my relations in Seattle they have not charged me any extra tax, was Barney's right to do this?
  2. barneys is supposed to charge tax for any item they send to a state in the US where there is a barneys store. i think you might have gotten lucky last time that they didn't charge you tax?
  3. *jennifer* sorry do not understand your reply, "i think you might have gotten lucky last time that they didn't charge you tax" i have never purchased anything from Barneys before that is why i am asking this question. Sorry if i am being thick but i still do not understand why one company i.e. Barneys adds tax on while another (COMPLETELY DIFFERENT) store does not.
  4. jennifer probably thought you bought the tshirts from barneys which is why she said you got lucky if you weren't charged tax. You were charged tax at barneys because there is a barney's in seattle as well. If there is a store in the same state you have to be charged tax. So it isn't extra tax. It's the tax that's supposed to be there.
  5. there is a barneys in washington. that is why you were charged tax. there arent too many barneys around but it just happened that there is one in WA.
  6. for example, there is only one bergdorf goodman in the US (in NYC).

    if you were to buy and send to anywhere else in the US today, they shouldn't/wouldn't charge you sales tax.

    however, if bergdorf goodman happened to open a new store in the state of Washington tomorrow and you made another "buy and send" purchase, they would charge you whatever the sales tax is for that city in Washington state. reason being, there is already a Bergdorf Goodman in your state, they are required by law to charge you sales tax.

    hope that helps.
  7. rosie50, sorry- it was unclear to me that the t-shirts you purchased were not from barneys. :shame:
    i meant exactly what elongreach said (thanks for making sense of what i said, elongreach... good karma to you! :flowers:)