Question regarding price adjustment

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  1. Hello, I'm planning tonake my VGA I bought last weekend and take advantage of the 20% off coupon and see if the outlet will make a price adjustment for them.
    Do I need to take the bags and receipt or just the receipt?
  2. I think you have to have the bag.
  3. Take everything. If they say no to a PA, you can technically still return and rebuy it. THat's what my SAs tell me, but they never give me a hard time. Good luck :smile:
  4. Thanks, I just came from the outlet, the SA told me they will do it jus this time and they normally don't do it. So, I got 85 back!
  5. Take the bags... each sa is different and its better to have them and not need them than for them to be at home when you actually need them and have to go back. . You have 14 days for a price adjustment, after that they will usually let you return and repurchase, as long as the tags are attached.
  6. Oh, you may just want to try calling your specific outlet and see what their policy is. I'm more of the call and get the word directly from them and remember who you spoke too, cuz then you have facts and not hear say.
  7. The last few times I went to the outlets, I saw that they now have a clear, defined PA policy posted at all the registers. As long as it's within 14 days, it is COACH's policy to give you a PA. When I was in Allen, TX, I did have the bag in the trunk of the car outside, and was prepared to go get it if they needed it, but the SA and manager were SO sweet, and gave me the PA with only my receipt. But, normally, they want you to bring the bag and receipt so they know you didn't resell it and are trying to make a bigger profit. Good lucK!
  8. Does that 14 day thing apply to the 20% off coupon that expires today? Say, if I went in tomorrow, after the coupon expires but within the 14 days since purchasing my bag they will give me the discount?

    I really want that discount dag nabbit and this snow storm has kept me from driving out to the outlet!
  9. I don't know much about it. You could try calling the outlet before leaving your house and see if they do it.
    I did call beforehand and they said it was up to the manager but after everyones reccomendation here I took it to the outlet and they did it for me as a one time thing.
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