question regarding perforated speedy

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  1. Has anyone seen a perforated speedy with the green background.??? If so what store? Is there a wait list.?
  2. They have one at the LV in Calgary. I saw it in the showcase the other day...but I know that LV won't ship into other countries. Call the number and they can track one down for you!

  3. I'm actually going in tomorrow I'll check for you and let you know!
  4. Oh KylieResse, I didn't realize you're in SF. I'm going to the one in Valley Fair, so I can probably ask them to call the SF store and see if there's any in inventory as well.
  5. I'm fairly sure the Neiman's here had one and the store in Fashion Valley did as well.
  6. THanks Care. I'm going to call LV Sf today to see if they have any
  7. You have a better chance of finding it if you call 866-vuitton and they do a search of all of the US stores. They ship directly to your home for $10 shipping.
  8. I called LV union square. and they have one.
  9. The green is so vibrant and has POP! I am very happy with my green speedy and both Seattle and New York had them a few weeks ago...
  10. They had the green one at King of Prussia Mall,PA..and Saks fifth Ave in Bala Cynwyd,PA(1-610-667-1550..ext.258-ask for Donna in Handbags..shes great)
  11. The Louis Vuitton in edmoton has one just call and they will gladly ship it to you.
  12. THanks everybody
  13. im not a huge fan of the perforated... i like the classic looks.. but it may grow on me over time if i see it often =P