Question regarding PayPals echecks! help!

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  1. A buyer just paid for an auction thru PayPal and paid via echeck. Its pending and wont clear until 12/1. I can see that Paypal is charging me a $5.00 fee for it, are they gonna charge me the 3% (or whatever it is) on top of that too? I have always had instant payments and no one has ever paid via echeck before...anyone know if they will charge me more fees? thanks!:confused1:
  2. Donna, echecks are great because you only pay a maximum of $5.00 additional 2.9%! HTH
  3. Well HOTDAMN! Its echecks only for me from now on! Yowza! Thanks so much!
  4. Donna, I would wait until the echeck clears before you send out the item! I like echecks because you only pay the $5 and no additional % fees. :smile:
  5. Yeah, i agree with the above^:yes:

    Although tbh, sometimes i think i'd rather pay the fee and be done with the transaction...i've waited up to 2 weeks for an e-cheque to clear from a buyer in the past!:yucky: ;)
  6. Yeah, make sure you wait until the e-check clears before you ship. If you're shipping through PayPal, it won't let you ship until the echeck clears :smile:
  7. I never used e-check before.. sounds really good for sellers!! :nuts: Does it benefit the buyer though? :confused1:
  8. I'm the minority here, but echecks bug me ... I hate waiting for them to clear! I'm so impatient!:busted
  9. I'm waiting for one to clear right now. Estimated date is 12/5!!!! I'm soooo tired of waiting.