Question regarding other airlines rules...

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  1. My question is that, do airlines that you fly with allow you to sit with your bag on your lap?

    I'm a member of cabin crew and myself and a few other co-workers were discussing the rules of other airlines and that was a question that came up that we did not know the answer to. I know that the airline that I work for, you are not permitted to do so, but are you allowed to on other airlines?

  2. do you mean for take-off/landing? if so, then no - my bag always goes underneath the seat in front of me or in the overhead bin.
  3. You can't during takeoff/landing, it either has to be under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.
  4. Was just on Delta & they go under the seat at takeoff & landing.
  5. I thought this was a rule on ALL airlines? Takeoff and landing you're not allowed to.
  6. My personal experience since I've been old enough to have a purse that I'd want to keep on my lap on Gulf Air, Etihad, Royal Jordanian, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Air Iran, Qantas, BMI, Lufthansa, KLM, UA, American, Continental, NWA, Delta, Mexicana, US Airways, British Airways, and Air France nothing at all in your lap, depending on the FA, sometimes this includes a blanket :biggrin: and most of the time on US carriers I am told to get my bottle of water out of the seat pocket if I've stuck it there (during takeoff & descent/landing)--they even get after the business men who stick their laptops there too.

    The only thing I've ever seen people be allowed to keep on their lap are those lap kids, even people with animals in carriers are told to place the carrier on the ground (sat next to a cute mini-schnauzer once).
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    I'm well aware of the rules of things being on the ground (i've been a FA for 5 years now), I'm asking if anyone has experienced an airline where you are permitted to have your purse on your lap.

    It's not actually.
    I flew with a small European airline once, and the aircraft was so small that there was basically no room to do so.
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    I've actually been on plenty of flights where I was allowed... sometimes even requested, to keep my bag on my lap. I usually automatically put it on the ground, but certain airlines in the Star Alliance, One World and Skyteam groups, have all let me keep my bag with me.... even during take-off and landing. Also, budget airlines usually have no issues with this either. I am referring to flights within Europe. With trans-continental flights, I usually put everything in the overhead. The 'rules' tend to change depending on carrier and staff. Smaller aircrafts do tend to be more lenient though.

    The one exception of course is the emergency exit row.
  9. I've never been told I was allowed to, but I've not been hassled about it many times (I don't particularly like flying and usually hold my purse, white knuckled).
  10. I wouldnt know if its a rule or not but there have been times no one has said anything about my bag (sometimes I put it on the seat sort of wedged between me and the arm) and other times FA will make a point to make sure everything is out of the way etc.
  11. you mean once you're in the air? Yes, every flight I've been on this is fine: Continental, Southwest, AA, Lufthansa, etc. . .
  12. :yes: yep, it's OK to have a bag on your lap during flight on the airlines I've flown (major US and Asia carriers), but all require you to store your purse away in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you or in your seat's storage compartment during takeoff and landing.
  13. I flew last month on Swiss, Continental and American, I never have anything on my lap during take off and landing. I just always understood that it wasn't allowed but darn....I hated putting LV under the seat.
  14. I've flown on continental about 30 times in the past few years, and I've always kept my bag on my lap through the whole flight, takeoff and landing included. I've always used small crossbody bags though.
  15. During takeoff and landing no but during the flight I've never had a problem
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