Question regarding non-repair handbags

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  1. I took a handbag in to be repaired but not sure it can - sealant issues and I asked them if it could not be repaired that I want to keep and he said that either they will send me a full price letter or credit letter. It is for one of my older legacy bags that I paid FP for I did learn that I could keep from you guys :smile: how does that work?

    Also what does Coach do with the bags that can't be repaired it was kind of funny because the SA looked like she wanted if I said I didn't. She said nice bag hahaha
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    Sealants can't be repaired. If it is old (which is about 2 years or so in Coach time), then you will get the bag back and a 40% off letter (full price item). If it is newer, you will get the option of 1) credit letter for the full price of the bag, or 2) bag returned to you plus 40% off letter.

    ETA: there are many threads on sealant repair - at-home remedies. Since you will get the bag back, you should try one of those. I can't search at the moment for some reason, maybe someone has it bookmarked?
  3. Thanks that will be very helpful I had even noticed until I read on another thread and yes I think it was 07 year and the bag is nice and buttery
  4. Thanks that will be very helpful I had even noticed until I read on another thread and yes I think it was 07 year and the bag is nice and buttery
  5. i have that edge coat that repairs sealant. it works very good. i used it on my juniper leigh. good as new!
  6. ^^^yep, that's the stuff! I bought it to try on one of my legacy bags, but never got around to putting it on yet :sad: I've seen some great results here, though! Before/after photos & stuff... still can't search. I think I need to re-boot.
  7. it works pretty good though the leigh was tough cuz the chain handle had to be done in steps took forever lol
  8. Out of curiosity, do this apply to bags bought from
    other people?
  9. what do you mean?
  10. If I buy a bag from someone else and it breaks, will coach repair it?
  11. All damaged items are usually cut up to pieces at the stores (not sure how the repair people get rid of the bags). they cannot be bought or resold to anyone.
  12. Coach will repair any of their bags. It usually costs about $20 for it to be sent out.
  13. Thanks for the info - sad for the chop chop.

    Since my bag was over two years old I paid the $20 fee which is fine - best warranty ever :smile:

    As for the Edge Coat - where do I get that?

    Sorry for the delay in response - I can not access from my work email and the BB can be spotty :smile:
  14. ebay has the edge kote thats where i got mine. think i paid like 9 bucks with shipping.
  15. Is that the only place? Is the correct spelling coat or kote.