Question regarding new floorset

  1. Is this the month that the new patent gallery totes come out? I've been dying to see them.:confused1:
  2. I haven't seen them in the new stuff we've been unpacking... :confused1: Maybe the other SA's have, maybe they'll chime in.
  3. New patent gallery totes?


    is it horrible I still love my blue patent one from last year (a STEAL at the outlet) and can't WAIT to bring her out again?
  4. I must have the red one and I won't even wait for the pce....I can think of nothing else and I haven't even seen it yet.
  5. we have gallery totes, but not patent. they are signature with a red/tobacco/chocolate trim. there's also an all leather one with patent trim. no full on patent though.
  6. Next month!
  7. They sound beautiful!
  8. patents next month and they are beautiful!!

  9. To quote Homer Simpson, "Woohoo!"
  10. Available to order now though! :graucho:
  11. And they are amazing!!! We accidentally had one in our store when I went in to scoop up some deleted goodies today and the girls had to talk me off the 2 patent bags in 1 month cliff!