Question regarding mono ludlow wallet

  1. Hi,

    I am thinking about getting a ludlow wallet to go with my pochette. I just want to know for those who have it, how do you like it? Is it practical?

  2. i was wondering too...
  3. I have it in Damier. It's pretty practical for change and a few bills. There are a few slots for cards. It's fine if you're not used to carrying a large wallet. Great little purse for the pochette and does hold more that the monnaie ronde? which only literally hold coins. It remains pretty compact and is probably one of the more affordable pieces (which is why I have one, lol.) You can fit an ID and two credit cards in this.
  4. I saw this one many times I don't own it
    and it is really cute small for very esentials and affordable
  5. im wondering this too because its kinda next on my list but i keep thinking i only like it because its more affordable lol....i could buy a bigger wallet for a little more on let-trade or eBay ...but the ludlow IS pretty cute ...i might just get the ludlow dentelle to make it more interesting :smile:
  6. I have a mono one and just ordered a pomme d'amour one. I really like the style, I can't stand heavy wallets that's why I don't use my PTI ever. It fits in the zipper compartment of my bags and it's very light. I only carry a few cards so it's not a problem for me.
  7. I bought it and returned it. It's really a nice wallet for cc and id including small cash. Style is elegant and small enough for an evening bag was my intended purpose.
  8. I have this wallet in mono & I love it!
    I use it when I'm travelling, or when I'm carrying a small purse such as a pochette. I fold my bills in the change pocket, & all my essential cards fit nicely in the card slots.

    Buy one! lol
  9. I owned a Damier Ludlow for all of 30 minutes--purcahsed it for use in my Sophie and Pouchette accessories. I bought it, walked down the mall and walked back to LV and returned it for a Damier Speedy. It is really nice but not so functional for the price.
  10. I'm so used to my PTI wallet, billfold and new Compact Zippe that when I switch to the Ludlow, I feel lost. It barely holds anything and I don't like having to fold my cash up so much. I'd rather discretely count my money and that's possible with the other wallets I have. The Ludlow is adorable (I have it in bronze vernis) but incredibly small.
  11. I have it in Epi Black. It is my main wallet and I chose it because of the small size, I can easily fit in a jacket pocket. I double up the card slots and although I have used it for several months they are still pretty tight. I use dollars and euros and the euros (folded in half) are too tall for the change purse so I sometimes have to struggle with the snap. I am seriously considering the french purse because LV has recently added more card slots and it is a bit more petite then some of the other LV wallets I have considered.
  12. I have one and I like mine. I don't carry a lot of stuff with me, just the essentials -- my driver's license and three credit cards. I rarely ever have cash so the wallet suits my needs. If I do happen to have cash, I just fold it and put it in the coin compartment.
  13. is it REALLY that small? i mean, its not tiny like a cles! and i fit a whole LOAD into a cles...