Question regarding mon monogram

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  1. For those who have ordered online, how were results with items? Im asking cause i dont want to get a defective item since its nonrefundable. Thanks
  2. My results were beautiful and just how I hoped. I spent some time on-line and really thought out the colors and how I wanted them, got opinions from friends, including my store SA, before I placed my order on-line. Really if there was a defect or issue regarding it not being done as you ordered or a defect with the bag then they would have you send it back so they could do another one. They would stand behind their product. I know someone who ordered her bag without the periods after her initials, yet they did it with the periods. It was their mistake, so therefore they re-made the bag for her. Non-refundable in this case basically means that you can't change your mind after you order it, you can't return because you wanted another bag instead or you didn't like your chosen colors when seeing the bag in-person, for example. Hope that helps! I do love mine!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the helpful info 😃
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    Nob question: So the interior lining of the bag will match the outer strip color or is that something one can pick? Sorry for such a trivial question as I have never been a monogram fan, so I haven't really look into mon monogram. But if I get to pick the interior lining color, then I am quite interested.

    Edit: Oh nvm. I just went to LV's site and tried the mon monogram customization. I understand now. Way cool!
  5. I ordered my Mon Mono online and I love it. I'm very happy with the craftsmanship, the stripes and initials are perfectly aligned. The colors were slightly different IRL than on the screen but not enough to have any disappointment. bagluv4ever is exactly right, your bag will be replaced if it is defective or if there was a mistake made on your order. Here are some pictures of my Mon Mono on the day I received it, hope they help. The colors are Violet/Bleu de France and I inverted the initials.


    DSC_1108 (2).JPG





  6. Has there been any color transfer from interior?
  7. My question exactly...I've read and seen some terrible pictures where the fuchsia lining of the new neo nf has transferred onto the vachetta trim. Yikes!
  8. No, not at all, but I use a Pursebling bag liner insert, so my things are all protected in this bag insert, and it also keeps my bag organized and pristine. And since it's a zipped liner, I am also safe from potential pick-pockets, too. I use a bag liner for all of my bags.