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  1. Hi everyone, I've been having a rather difficult time finding help or even information regarding a Louis Vuitton Bag I have just purchased from ebay. The bag--I believe--is the LV monogram cerises, and although it looks a lot like the speedy bag it has red handles rather than the usual beige ones. I've been looking for a cerises for a while now (now that I can afford from saving up for almost a year), and the last thing I want to know is that I bought a cheap fake. I seldom see the red handles on the cerises, and I was wondering if anyone have a similar bag or maybe a picture of it for me to compare.

    PS: Aside from the red handles the bag also comes with the lock, and althogh the faces of the cherries looked "okay" to me, I think I'll breath easier if I can have the real thing to compare it to.

    Thank you so much everyone, and I REALLY appreciate your help!
  2. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay? Price is going to be a big indication of whether or not is it fake because the red handle cerise stuff is the runway cerise line with dyed lizard skin (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) and the cheapest item was in the $1000+ range, ($1200 for the pochette right?).
  3. Also, if you can provide us with pictures (or the original auction link), we can assist you better since there were several styles produced in the cerise lizard line
  4. ....I'm having troubles posting the pictures, but the bag is a used one and close to $500. I just notice something about the cherries though. In the photos that I have been looking in here, the cherries are usually by themselves (one cherry, one stem), but on the one i just bought (which have not yet arrived) has two stems I sound silly yet? because I'm starting to feel a little dumb, and I have a feeling I just got duped....
  5. If you can't post pics,you could maybe tell us the auction number so that we can check it!Hope this helps! :smile:
  6. When did you win this? I agree with steyp, post the auction number (or your ebay username) and we can look it. I'm not too familar with the cerise lizard line so I can't help without first looking at the pictures.

    Also I don't think the cerise lizard line came with a bag shaped like a speedy but I may be wrong. I know the bags were either shaped like the popincourt long (but shorter or wider), there was a bag shaped like a trapezoid, and then the pochette.

  7. Yes,mello_yello_jen is right... i never saw a speedy like you describe yours too...i don't think it was ever made. :sad2: Please,help us to help you and let us know the auction number. :worried:
  8. If you post a link to the auction, we can help you out :biggrin:
  9. With red handles there were just a small cerise bag with alligators leather which was red. I think there was another pochette style with alligator trim. They run for more than 3000$. Post pics and I'm sure we can help you.
  10. sorry guys ( I fell asleep)...forget about the bag though. I had a weird feeling about this bag so I sent a bunch of emails to the seller to ask her about the authenticity of the bad, and although I'm not a louis Vuitton expert, her reply was a universal "...I'm not sure, thanks". So I told her I was not interested in the bad anymore eventough I had won it. Having a negative feedback is always better than having $500 down the drain. Now I really wish I had a full 8 hours sleep instead of staying up all night researching.......
  11. that is to bad but hey you save $500
  12. upload your photos at, then copy the bottom HTML tag that starts with [​IMG]
  13. Yeah, saving 500$ is definitely better than having a fake bag. Only the Sac Fermoir, neo deuville and the lizard pochette had the red handles.
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