question regarding large horsebit chain bag

  1. Are these bags out or are they still popular?? I was thinking of getting a large one in leather. Also, which one do you or the tan one?? FYI I dress very casual..jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and flipflops. Thanks much!!!
  2. i just saw a girl today at the mall and she had the large canvas one with the beige trim... very cute! But in the leather, i like the all black leather with gold hardware. i have the medium, chocolate guccissima, i got it when it first came out... and i used it everyday for a whole year... hehehe
  3. no one else have any opinions? I'm going to NM today and dont know what to get...I'm so confused.
  4. It's a classic, always in! It's very popular with TPF members... By tan, do you mean camel leather (as it says on If so, then I think the tan would go better with casual outfits, but the black could be more versatile? Anyway, you can't go wrong with either... Good luck!
  5. It isn't as much of an "it" bag as it was, but I think that it has become a classic. I have a medium one in cognac that I find very versatile. I would vote for the tan because I think it is a bit more casual and can work with blacks and browns.
  6. You can't go wrong with Classic Black. It goes with everything.