question regarding jeans and sizing...

  1. Long story short I bought 5 pairs of jeans. 2 rock and republics and 3 true religion. I jsut got the RR todays (all jeans were ordered over phone and online) so the rest should be here this week.

    I am a 30 wait, the RR jeans are both boot cut, the one pair I can live with how it fits, its tight in the legs, I am not used to that though. The 2nd pair is a low rise jean and i didnt even realize. So i have to return it, how many sizes should I go up to where it will fit comftorable? And if I go up a size in the first pair, will it make a difference in the legs tightness?

    I havnt gotten the true relgions yet and I HOPE they work out for me lol im scared
  2. Rock and republic def. don't fit everyone equally. I have one pair that look good. However, every other pair I've ever tried on (and thats alot) have never fit me right. I personally think citizens have a better fit.
  3. Rock and Republics are notorious for not fitting true to size. I've had this problem and I brought it up to one of my SAs. She said that they constantly have to do alterations on RR jeans for their customers. They usually have to take in the waist because when the jeans fit perfectly around the butt and thighs, the waist has a huge gap. So your problem is consistent with this line. Your jeans fit in the waist, but they're tight in the thighs. True Religions are more consistent with their fit. My boyfriend wears TR jeans and he likes them.
  4. hey do you know the model of the jeans? I can help you get a better estimate if you know the model

    My best friend is a jean freak and he's probably tried on every pair of R & R made for men
  5. every pair of RR I have tried have not fit correctly, so I have stopped even looking at them. Now I am 5'1" and 110, usually buy a 25 or 26 in any brand and they fit great, except for RR. my favorite brand is true religion, they fit true to size.
  6. You might want to check There is a lot of info on how different styles fit!
  7. Each style fits different, some are tts others are smaller or larger depending on the style. If they are stretch also play a factor.
  8. i wouldn't worry about them being too tight they almost always stretch out, some even stretch out a size.
  9. Everyones different but I've always needed to size down. The first time I asked my SO to try on a pair in a size I thought would be good for him, he got mad at me and refused because in his opinion I had chosen an obscenely small size for him. Next time around, he tried them on and was shocked that they were the perfect size for him. So I've always believed that for RR sizing down was necessary.