Question regarding health issue...

  1. Here is a strange question...LOL....Lately I have had issues with getting sudden bad headaches followed by gum and nose bleeds.Sometimes the headache starts..and I know its gonna happen....EEK!
    ANyone ever had this happen..I talked to PHH..he said it could be high blood pressure..BUT I have always had LOW blood presssure my whole life...For the life of me ...I cant figure it out....Curious to see if anyone has had this happen?Thanks!
    (And yes..I will go see a doctor later this week and get my blood checked)
  2. you're not going to like this: hormonal changes in pregnancy. i guess you could just be having hormonal changes and it may have the same effect.
  3. LOL..No hormones here!!
    Due to a serious illness a while back.I had a hysterectomy at age pregnancy is OUT..(Wouldnt of minded it,BUT physically impossible!LMAO!)
  4. Never had anything like that, but it would get me to a doctor in a hurry, too. Best wishes, Jill! I hope it's nothing serious.
  5. since headaches can be caused by a rush of blood it almost makes sense that yours are accompanied by a nosebleed. This used to happen to my DH after suffering a closed head injury during an auto accident.

    have you suffered a concussion lately?

    Stress could be a cause, but, ultimately, armchair doctoring is not what you need right now. You are right to go see a professional right away.
  6. Jill- I wouldn't worry about anything happening, since you have PHH at your home- he would not let anything happen to you, but I'd talk to him more about it and see a Dr as soon as you can get in. Weird things happen, I am not sure about this :shrugs:
  7. I'm sure your hubby is keeping a close eye on you...just make sure you communicate what is happening clearly to him w/out leaving anything out. Then go get a throrough checkup...Maybe your body is crying out for sugar LOL!
  8. Are the headaches severe or mild? Have you tried checking your syptoms at webMD? It's really helpful! I hope you feel better soon:flowers: and see a doctor ASAP. Although I always wait till the last minute but don't be like me!!!
  9. nosebleeds- dry from heat inside house
    headache- many factors including stress
    gum bleeds- mine bleed too

    my advise ask the doctor but doenst sound like a big deal to me