question regarding face products

  1. Do you know of a good facial product or cream that is for aging and dark spots?? I'm currently using La Mer, but want something that targets both things. thanks
  2. I've found good results with jan marini products, especially the bioclear (serum or cream) since it has aha,bha and azaelic acid. It gets great reviews also C-serum can help with evening out skintone. You may want to also check your hormone levels. I thought I had sunspots and the derms rx's did nothing. I found out it was melasma due to a hormone imbalance so I got a saliva tests done and started taking natural progesterone. After a few years of products that didn't work, my spots cleared up in about 3 months. Not that this is the source of your spots, but if nothing else works, it may very well be.
  3. my mom swears by the obagi system. i don't know much about it, but i know they have something that fades dark spots.
  4. I use the cheapest thing for dark spots and it works for me. Palmer's cocoa butter with vitamin E!