Question regarding EMERALD color..

  1. My blake Emerald doesn't look like the ones featured online. My green is like a deep Forest Green - not like the green pictures in sample pics (to me sap green and emerald green online look almost the same).

    Since I know mine is authentic, is there a difference between emerald greens? Is it the flash causing all this confusion?

  2. I could totally be mistaken, but I think there are two separate Emerald colors from different seasons. I have an Emerald zip clutch that sounds like your Blake - very forest green. Then I know I've seen MP's and small leather goods in a brighter, lighter green from older seasons at NMLC. I could have sworn their tags said the color was Emerald too.
  3. ^^I think you're right luvpurses24. There are two different emeralds.
  4. The forest green Emerald is from Fall 06 I believe, and the other emerald is from 2004. :smile:
  5. does anyone have more pics of the 2004 emerald?