Question regarding discoloration from chain


May 10, 2012
Hii ladies,
I have a question. I hope somebody can give me an answer from their own experience. I purchased a pre-owned beige lambskin jumbo Two-faced bag. It's been authenticated here.. My question is there are some chain dents on the bag, I'm not so concerned about the dents, they're not real bad and I think they'll relax out. But there are two small spots of discoloration. I sent the photos and the this question to leather surgeons and Then followed up with a phone call and I haven't heard back from them but they were busy and they are slow on their response right now. My question is on the discoloration it's beige lambskin, do any of you know if the discoloration of 2 small spots can be removed with a spa treatment? I have the option of returning the bag so the sooner I know the sooner I can make my decision. The bag is in excellent condition except for these two small spots as well as the dents but again the chain dents are not going to be problematic for me I believe they'll relax out. Any thoughts are appreciated. TIA
Also I did post this question in the vintage thread, but there's less viewing there.