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  1. It's me again with another question for everyone. I went to NYC and went to 3 LV boutiques and tried on everything that looked appropriate for a guy. I like the Damier Geant Compagnon, but I have read on the LV website, on material and care that after several use a visible fraying will occur. If anyone owns a Damier Geant please let me know how the frabric is after long period of use, and/or any other info regarding Damier Geant would be helpful. THANKS:yahoo:
  2. well it takes a LOT of SERIOUS SERIOUS wear and tear, use and a serious beating for it to start fraying. i dont own any, but i am pretty sure it wears way better than Gucci's jacquard, since the Geant material is "composed of ultra-strong technical fibers similar to those used in mountain-climbing ropes".

    i think you should go for it. they are great and lightweight unlike the monogram comparitives (amazone, danube)! i'm saving for a terre citadin myself. :smile: however i'm not fond of the citadin pm. gross.

    anyway hope the info helped!
  3. Yes it was, thank you. I'm planning on getting the Campagnon in black just because I don't think that the fabric will looks good with the patina... I could be wrong also. But I do love the Damier Geant in Terre
  4. I like Terre more than Black.. Hehe.
  5. I have the Pionnier and I LOVE it, I am careful with all my stuff so no matter what it will last me, I just KNOW it lol
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I want one too, Pioneers are awesome. I think as my first LV purchase I'm thinking a NIL. Maybe a Damier Geant later on, maybe for my birthday in Nov. haha
  8. I love the Black Damier Geant!
  9. i've had my messager for over a year with no issues at all. the bag is made of the same material that climbers use so it's meant to be tough and last for a very long time. i never worry about it fraying or anything.

  10. just an FYI, yahoo auctions is no place to go for authentic goods.. i'd say about 99.99999999% of the stuff on there is fake, and they feel that if they charge a lot for their items, people will think it's real. with that said, that backpack you're looking at is a super-fake mirror quality.
  11. yeah myine does not have a zipper on the inside
  12. the ones that fray are the fake ones.... and believe me, i've seen a heap of those around. some even have some sort of air bubbles between the outer supposedly D.Geant material and the lining. like they were glued together :throwup: . my Pionnier is about 3 years old now and with the exception of the vachetta darkening, the canvas itself still looks very new. not a single fuzz or snag.
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