Question Regarding Custom Order Etiquette

  1. Considering the lengthy wait, would it be bad form to place another order immediately after recieving your bag? And is there a limit on how many you can order (e.g one or two max) or restrictions (e.g. has to be a different style, etc.)? Or does it vary by store? TIA! I'm completely "green" in this area and would like to know the rules beforehand.
  2. i can of course only tell my experience with my store manager. i am able to order two birkins on one go and maybe one kelly as a plus(but that is up to paris to decide) but that is due to the fact that the store manager knows me very well and she is sure the bags won´t ending up on ebay ( a cause for beeing blacklisted according to my sa)
    so i would recommend to order one bag after you received your first and even when your order is accepted show up at the boutique regularly buy small things talk to your sa and let her know that you really appreciate her effort. ;)
  3. Thanks so much for the advice:flowers: . Btw, I would NEVER in a million years...consider selling any of my bags, ever... I'm too painfully attached to each and every one of them. :love:

    I just didn't want to look like an idiot because the bad part w/ all this waiting is dreaming of future bags:shame: . And considering my age,lengthy wait and regular price increases, etc - I just naively thought "wouldn't it be so easy if one could order the rest all at once". :lol: Just greed talking.. nothing else.

    But one at a time is okay as well.:amuse: I love visiting the boutique. My only problem is that I rarely leave the store empty-handed.:biggrin:
  4. :lol: you are like me if i could i would have ended up placing orders for xx bags at once :shame: :roflmfao: oh and also the "i end up leaving the store with a purchase" sounds familiar too :flowers:
  5. It depends on the store HL. For example, the NYC store generally allows 2 per client (they can make exceptions of course). The Beverly Hills store takes 1 to 2 orders per client and the same goes for most of the stores in Asia. But I know for a fact that the Paris store can do several orders because that's where I order mine.
  6. I have always heard from others it it two per individual. As we have seen from so many other depends who you are, your relationship, the SA, manager etc. It can really change based on additional factors.
  7. This might be a stupid question. What's the difference between waitlist and special order? When I talk to my SA, he's got all the information of the bags that I want, and I know that when the manager goes to order she looks over the list... how is this different from special order or is it the same???
  8. I've been wondering about that too- I think a SO is where the make the bag for you to your exact specifictions (such as different hardware, tricolor, etc.) , and the waitlist is where you're just waiting for a bag floating around that matches your description. I think that SO's are for VIP only though. :cry:
  9. I also think that special order means that if the shop knows they are not receiving the color/leather/hardware that you want, they'll order it when the "ordering time" comes up so it's sure you'll get it the moment it arrives.
  10. ^ I agree... thanks for all your help, ladies. I'm absolutely lost w/o this forum. And Lilach, I was right - stopped by the boutique today and didn't leave empty-handed.:amuse:
  11. the thing is, when I asked my SA "so after you put in the order you'll know how long (i.e. how many years) it'll take until you get it right?" and he said they don't tell them. Is that really true? How come I've heard people on this forum who knows exactly when their SO will come?
  12. Hermès_Lemming
    what did you get :graucho: :lol:

    oh and about the special order the waitlist and the time i just copied what i have written in another forum about it
    i have been a customer with my boutique in germany for years and there it works like that: a bag arrives wich was not ordered (so just maye waitlisted but must not be the case) the sa calls around their customers if anybody wants it if not they do send it to the next boutique so they can do the same with their customers. (so it is very rare that you do get a bag off shelf right a way even though there are better chances in big cities with huge stores like berlin or munich etc)
    and then there is the way i will get my bags :special order. the store manager calls their good customers (and maybe only the ones she likes ) to remind them that the ordertime is coming and if we want something.she notes everything and directly checks with paris and if paris says yes it is available in xx time it will definately get placed in paris when the official ordering time occurs.after that paris visit of my store manager she tends to call again to guarantee again that everything is fine and in progress and that she will call again if they are arriving or if anything else(bags. PaP, silks ) pops in apart from my orders what maybe catch my interest . my sa and my store manager know my taste very well and have a good taste by themselfes so sometimes they seduce me to splurge on something extra
    so that is at least how my boutique handles it :flowers:
  13. This is exactly what I was told by the SA I last visited.

    As for what LaVan SA stated they never know what bags are arriving on each delivery. The only bags they are sure of are the special order ones. So, maybe it is a tiny bit different here.
  14. I think the SAs don't know everything that's arriving on a particular delivery date.

    The manager could give you more or less an idea of the month/week which bags are arriving. He also said that normally he knows 1 week of at least 2-3 days before hand which bags arrive. Also, I guess if it is just a normal bag, it doesn't really matter when it arrives. However, for bags that have been ordered (whether Bolide, Trim, Kelly or Birkin, etc.), since the clients ask all the time when the bags arrive the manager checks the status with Paris.