Question Regarding Clochette on Miroir Speedy

  1. do you think it's a bad idea to leave the clochette on the miroir speedy? do you think there's any chance that the clochette will damage the bag like how the strap of the miroir pochette damages the bag? should i take it off? can someone tell me how to take it off? the sa put it on there and i don't know how to remove it. tia!
  2. I left mine on and it doesn't seem to have damaged it at all. I don't know how to remove it though, which is also another reason why I've left it on.

    I think the pochette fiasco was due to the fact that the strap is as sharp as a knife, whereas the Clochette is not.

    Anyone else know how to remove it or had theirs scratch their Speedy? :confused1:
  3. also, the pochette is smooth and stuff.. so the scratches are easier to see^^
  4. I leave mine hangs away from the bag anyway.
  5. It looks better hanging off of the bag, IMO.
  6. I take them off on all my bags.
  7. Mine is on there and didn't give the bag any dents.

    however, i wanted the clochette on the bag, but the slit on the top wouldn't let the thick key area go thru cause it wasn't long enough the slit and the thing is so damn in an act of semi-psychoticness i took a sissor (i know, you're all probably having convulsions now) and "slit" the slit a few more millimeters. it was then big enough and looked perfect, exactly the same and the fatter part slipped through. :yes:

    i thank my steady hand, totally incontrol composure and good eyes. lol.
  8. My clochette has made tiny hairline scratches on the bag from rubbing back and forth. It's only noticeable upon close examination though.

    I was able to remove the clochette before. The vinyl is soft, so you can force it through the opening. I wouldn't do it too many times though because I think the paint that seals the edges will peel off if you force it too many times. So either keep it on or take it off. Don't do it all the time. I like mine with the clochette, so I keep it on.
  9. It looks better ON. But I noticed small hairline scratches on it pretty quickly.
  10. please forgive my utter ignorance but what are the clochettes for? I've always wondered.
  11. They hold/hide the keys to the lock.

  12. Ahhhh! :idea:

    (but now I'm wondering why the speedy doesn't have one)
  13. I left mine on the bag -- haven't noticed any marks/scratches yet.
  14. I left mine on, no trouble so. I think it looks good on the speedy. I did take the one off my CB pap tho...thought it hung too low.
  15. Yeah. Why doesnt the Mono speedy have one?