Question Regarding Cambon Ligne...& eBayer...HELP!

  1. Hello girls...

    Just want to clarify something up...

    I sold a Pink & Black Cambon Shopper to an eBayer! Anyway, the retail on the bag was $1275...I do believe that it says "Small" on the Chanel Tag...

    I also have the "Petite" Shopper...retailed for $1095...that is much smaller, etc.

    This eBayer is claiming that I sent them the wrong bag when I KNOW I sent them the one that retails for $1275...considering I had only three Cambons LEFT!!! The Medium / "Small"...that I sent her/or him, The Pink & Black "Petite", and the Beige & Black Bowler! I only have the "Petite" & the "Bowler" left...meaning I SENT THE LARGER CAMBON!

    If there is technically a Medium Size Bucket or Shopping tote etc...what is the retail for it??? Not the old price or the sale price, but whatever it is going for now! Help!!

    This person is going to return a "Petite" in place of the "Small / Medium" that I sent...what should I do!??

  2. Are you sure that is her plan - to return a bag in a smaller size - or are you speculating?

    I don't think some people realize just how small a medium size Chanel bag can be. It surprised me in the beginning. I wouldn't call my black cambon bowler a medium size bag at all; in my frame of reference it is a small bag.

    This is precisely the reason I am sick of trying to sell high-end bags on ebay. I would rather return them to the store for a credit. Paypal just doesn't ever seem to see the seller's side no matter how much proof/info you furnish. I've never had a problem but I make it clear in my auctions that no buyer wants to mess with me after the fact, so bid with thought versus impulse.
  3. I have the large tote , bought not on sale when they first came out ( 2004 S/S ) .

    I took a pic of the tag for you . it was 1295 .
  4. I just remembered something ! Last summer ( 2005 ) I saw a friend of mine and she was carrying the Med. Cambon tote . I told her I had the Lrg. one and she said that was the one she wanted but it was too expensive , " almost 2 grand w/ tax" I remember her saying .

    I told her mine was only 1295 and she was livid because hers was 1275 . She figured they were perhaps more expensive in Hawaii . I remember this conversation clearly .

    So , the middle size Cambon tote is 1275 .
  5. I believe there was a price increase last year on the Cambon line which could explain the price descrepancy.
  6. I recently bought the same bag Pink/Black Cambon and the tag said 1275. I bought it on ebay and it's the medium size. But your buyer might have gotten confused because the tag does say SMALL. I know there is the Petite and then the larger one also.
    It's a little confusing when sellers say the Petite is Small, the Small is Medium,,,etc.
    I thought mime was going to be a little bigger also, but when I look and see the Petite pictures, I see mine is bigger.
    Does she want to return the bag? Ask to to look at pics of the Petite to see hers is bigger.
    Even though mine is smaller than I thought, I do love it! :love:

    Good Luck with your buyer :flowers:
  7. Here are pics of my tag...on the "Petite" & the "Small/ Medium"...I am SO sick of eBay...and actually, she is saying that I shipped her a bag that is 8" x 8"...that would be the "Petite" that I am looking at right now...that makes me a little skeptical...

    Anyway, tags...
    chanel cam pet tag 4.jpg chanel 06 1 128tag med cambon.jpg chanel cambon tag med2.jpg
  8. Its medium in Canada...
    and for some reason in the US many call it the small
  9. I just measured my SMALL ( medium ) Pink/Black tote and it's right about 10" across the top. Does the buyer have good feedback? I mean, is she new or have neg' from other sellers from buying bags?
  10. I just checked my Cambon Bowler and the tag reads "Small Tote". So yeah, if I bought that bag on ebay and the seller advertised it as a "Medium Cambon Bowler" I'd be questioning the bag too. I realize we speak a different Chanel language in here; however, on ebay, especially when selling for profit, sellers need to be *very* clear in their wording and photos. Call it what the tag states, and take a photo of the tag.

    And while we're on the subject of sellers, I can't tell you how many times I have run across an auction of a Cambon bag being advertised as lambskin when it is absolutely not lambskin but calfskin. I have only been buying Chanel since May, 06 and know that fact; why don't sellers who are *profting* from their sales? Again, KNOW your merchandise and sell it as such.
  11. She has about 438 feedbacks...2 negative...and 6 bid retractions within the past 6 months...

    I am waiting to hear what she has to say...I am going through and checking all of my records to make sure that I didn't make the mistake & send her the wrong bag!...Anything is possible and I have no problem admitting when I am wrong:shame: ...

    I guess I just have to wait...:wtf:

  12. Kristy - you might want to edit your Cambon auctions and change lambskin to calfskin, lest you risk another irate buyer.

  13. Yes Roey,

    I have taken care of that before I saw your post...figured you were referring to me on that. When I first got the Cambons I had a template that I built back on May 9th...and never changed it definitely went unchanged for way too long...I was also new to Chanel when I bought if I made a mistake back in May & was just relisting the was an honest mistake. I provide a LOT more info than most sellers do...and I think I put up a fair amount of pictures also...

    However there was a discussion about it at one of my Chanel Boutiques and the SA insisted it was lambskin...obviously, I didn't go with my gut instinct...guess I should have called around or done more was probably one of those long days that one can actually make a mistake...:shame: ...wasn't intentional...

    You know, I am one seller who actually cares a great deal about my customers and when you are referring to "those sellers" just selling for a should see how many times I take hits...and how many times I sell an item for EXACTLY what I paid...that is why the "Best Offer" is have to account for the fact that someone is going to low-ball you...and guess what...I get a lot of Best Offers for $3.00, $60.00 etc, on a $3000.00 bag. Those are quite fun...

    It's funny...I have SO many customers who cannot get any boutiques or stores to ship to them they come to long as I am not losing money (which I do A LOT)...I will either ship the item if I have it or go get for them & ship it...I don't think it's fair to make assumtions on what my profits are...unless that was just generally speaking...

    Anyway, sorry to have made a mistake & thank you for pointing it out to learn something new everyday!:flowers:

  14. The proft thing was generally speaking, not directed specifically at you.

    Yes, I agree that s/a's all have different information about leather, sizes, etc. I heard that Chanel provides training in NYC for associates who work in their boutiques. Wonder what's being taught in those classes? :biggrin: It would actually help a lot if Chanel would list the leather on their tags.

    I do think your listings are very in-depth with a lot of great photos. What I'm going to say next is from a buyer's standpoint only so please don't take it personally. When photos are cropped with no background, they look very much like stock photos. If I were to purchase designer merchandise off ebay I would gravitate to the auctions that have photos with a more personal touch/feel (bags hanging on a doorknob, sitting on a bed or chair, etc.) . The background provides a personal touch and gives the item a more authentic flavor. This is just my opinion. I sell bags from my own personal collection under my sister's business name; she has over 1100 feedbacks with a 99.9% rating. I have never had a problem (knock wood) and perhaps it is either due to luck or the way my auctions are worded/photos are taken.

    Perhaps you can state in your auctions that you will cancel bidders with negative feedback/bid retractions within the last six months. It sounds like this particular person is nothing but trouble.
  15. Yes, having all the information like Chloe or Balenciaga would be nice...or Hermes for that matter...all info is right there on the tag. You know, I have been told that before..."my photos are too good"...what exactly does that mean...they have a background...I set my bags in a white cubicle set up...that's the background...

    I am also a free-lance photographer...gosh, I would MUCH rather see someone who takes the time to make sure that the bag they are about to bid on is at least sitting in a clean, professional office as opposed to seeing the sellers hands, feet, door knobs, beds or what not...

    If I see fingers that look gross, why would I want that item...or when people set the bag outside on the ground??? I wouldn't set my bag I carry on the ground...especially one that I am planning on that bag had metal feet...they would be scuffed. And on beds...I am sorry...I prefer to see that someone has a clean place to store a bag as opposed to being mixed up with someone's personal belongings. That is just my personal opinion...if my pics are too good...oh well, someone doesn't need to buy it...they can also do a search for those "stock photos"...and see what they come up with...

    Anyway, like I said, that is just my opinion...I don't want to think that someone's dog is laying on a bag I might purchase...don't know if anyone out there agrees with me...but my office is set up just for my bags...I have seen SO many pics where someone has their dirty fingernails in the pic, or feet in a pair of shoes...or with clutter & dog bowls in the background...that turns me off right away...but, then again, that's just me. JMO....Kristy