Question regarding blue Olsen tote


Oct 6, 2006
Bay Area
Hi, does anyone know if the blue Olsen tote was ever made in the large size? I have the small blue tote and would love to locate a large size in that same color! I have searched this forum and noticed that all the posted pics of the blue version are in the small size. No one ever mentions or posts a pic of a large blue Olsen. I already have the black large and REALLY want that same bag in blue! Thanks for your help!! ;)

Sorry if there is an answer to this somewhere on the Chanel forum...honestly, I've been searching everywhere and cannot get this question answered!


Aug 19, 2006
I don't even think it was ever made in the bigger size. I had the blue Olsen tote too and it was the smaller size. I've only seen the black and black/beige combo in the larger version