Question regarding blue Olsen tote

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  1. Hi, does anyone know if the blue Olsen tote was ever made in the large size? I have the small blue tote and would love to locate a large size in that same color! I have searched this forum and noticed that all the posted pics of the blue version are in the small size. No one ever mentions or posts a pic of a large blue Olsen. I already have the black large and REALLY want that same bag in blue! Thanks for your help!! ;)

    Sorry if there is an answer to this somewhere on the Chanel forum...honestly, I've been searching everywhere and cannot get this question answered!
  2. my blue one also the small one...
  3. I don't even think it was ever made in the bigger size. I had the blue Olsen tote too and it was the smaller size. I've only seen the black and black/beige combo in the larger version