Question Regarding Authentic Handbags in Malaysia

  1. Hey there, is there anyone who lives in Malaysia?
    I have a question, there is a collection named imybags in Malaysia, which has really great sales such as 70% off. Can this collection be trusted? I mean do they really have authentic handbags as they claim?

    Sorry if i asked it in the wrong place, i really had no idea where to ask it. i'd be so glad if someone can help me here. thanks.
  2. Hi, there has been some posts about imybags and the recommendation is to ask for authentication here. I can't say anything about the items sold, but the prices seems too good to be true. The website also lacks all info about the company, return policy etc.

    I would recommend buying from a trusted site instead, you'll also get great support for repairs if a zipper breaks etc.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Hi thanks alot about this. actually the problem is that there is no way i can afford a bag costing above 200$-300. that's why i'm so interested in this sale. how can i ask for the authentication? i mean is there any signs that can help me identify the authentic bag from the knock offs?
  4. Hi, I understand. The best is to ask for authentication in the designer forum here for the bag. There's a thread in each forum, which designer is it?

    And do not buy anything until it's authenticated.

  5. Actually I haven't bought anything from them yet, i was planning to. since i was going to travel to malaysia and the bags in the stores are too expensive for me to afford, i even wanted to buy a mbmj, but it turned out that the bags is something like 600USD there... and in my own country this is even worse... eg you can buy a contemporary bag like zara for about 200$ and even more! and a authentic bag will be around 2000USD even more, ( actually there are no stores of prada dior mj and ... in my country) :sad: that's why i really wanted to know if this sale is true or not... i really don't know what to do :sad:
    isn't there anything in common that i can look forward to, to identify the authentic item? like serial numbers, zippers etc...
    thanks again
  6. Wow, it's expensive there. I'm worried you could end up with a fake and lose your hard earned money :-s

    There are usually sale tips from trusted sites here in each forum too, for MJ you could view the threads here and ask questions.

    There's usually no easy way to spot a fake and it takes detailed pics to identify them.

  7. Thanks alot my friend ;)