question regarding an epi speedy

  1. I really want an epi speedy 30 in red, but I want the gold hardware. My question is...does it bother you that it has silver hardware??
  2. I actually prefer the silver, I have it in black with the silver hardware.
  3. ~I love the Epi line because of the silver hardware. :yes:~
  4. I love the silver hardware, too.
  5. I agree -- I think it's great that LV does epi with silver -- it adds to the "edge" that epi has.
  6. thanks for your comments, do you guys even like the red epi speedy? do you think it will look like a "big red bag"??? LOL
  7. I love the epi speedy, it's really a stand out handbag but I've never thought of it as a "big red bag" I think because its structured. I think the shape and the material give it a very upscale edge.
  8. I love the red epi speedy! I have one with the gold hardware, and I love it! If you really want the gold, you may be able to find a pre-owned one. I like the silver a lot, too, though.
  9. I think it looks better with the silver than gold. It's sleeker somehow.
  10. I love the Silver hardware.
  11. It doesn't bother me at all. It looks great with both colors of hardware.
  12. I like the gold hardware better.
  13. I prefer silver hardware.
  14. I actually love the silver hardware a lot better!
  15. Yea for some reason I don't care for gold hardware on epi, but I love gold hardware on all the others. Def. prefer silver on epi! :smile: