Question reg: Black City

  1. So I got an 2008 Black City and I love the leather. I was reading another thread about the coloring around the side...the side coloring on my city isn't as black as the rest of the this normal? or are the sides supposed to be as black as the rest?

  2. Hi shopgirl, I have the 07 black city and the sides on mine appear to be the same color as the rest of the bag. I am fairly new to Balenciaga so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can give you a better answer.
  3. I've got a SGH Black City too, and the whole bag is jet black.
  4. can you show pics??
  5. Here are some it and it's a gorgeous bag
    I might be just being paranoid...but just wanted some opinions. Thanks!
    balenciaga.jpg balenciaga2.jpg balenciaga3.jpg
  6. I've got a black city with GSH and I don't have that bag is black all over.

    Maybe try some conditioner on the edges???

    Here's a pic of mine that shows the bottom left edge.

  7. the first pic and the 3rd pic is the shot of the same I guess the lighting made it lighter. So I guess my 3rd one shows it's the same black as the rest?
    (apple conditioner safe on the edges?
  8. my bag is the same shade of black all over, but i have seen some other bbags (black and other colors too) where the shade varies a bit. i guess it all depends on if it bothers you enough to exchange it :smile:
  9. I would exchange it. If you ever want to/have to sell it, it would impair your sale. Also these bags are not cheap!! Do not settle for second best!!!