Question ref Gucci serial numbers

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  1. Hi there.

    I was recently given a Gucci bag by a really rich cousin of mine (works for a pzar - if that's how you spell it) who had only used it twice. She told me that it came from a reputable dealer in London and said that if I could sell it I could happily keep any money. I tried a couple of times listing it on eBay (laughs a plenty from all forum members!) but soon found it almost impossible as people would just buy and not pay.

    Last week I relisted the bag again on eBay and this time set a number of buyer requirements. I sold the bag and was very pleased with the price received. The person has received the bag and has raised a couple of questions which I am unable to offer answers to. I was hoping before I have to refund I might pick the brains of the good natured members of this forum.

    You will have to excuse my ignorance regarding the bag as I am a mere male :smile: You can have a look at my auction picks here (I won't link to the actual auction, just the pictures instead):

    Now the questions raised. Firstly until I read this forum I did not realise that the serial numbers are typically under the leather tag inside the bag. If you have a look at picture 5 you will see a serial number on the underside of the magnetic catch. Could this still be a genuine artical even without a serial under the tag inside? - Did Gucci produce any bags with the serial number on the underside of the button?

    The serial number (or at least what I thought was the serial number) by the way reads as follows: 8833313, with additional: (A)N0ATD8831628. Is there any way to check whether this is genuine or not?

    Secondly does anyone know the actual name / collection which this handbag comes from?

    Thirdly and the thing which I did not notice before selling the item, but my customer has since identified is that under the name GUCCI on the leather tag inside the bag, the embossed lettering 'Made In Italy' actually reads 'Made InItaly' without a space between the In and Italy. Has anyone ever seen this outside of 'fakesville' ? - Could the bag have been a factory second?

    Any help will be much appreciated. By the way in case you are wondering why I (a mere male) has an interest in handbags, it is because I am a web programmer working for a popular online Bag retailer here in the UK (my day job). I am definitely not gay! :smile: Not that there is anything wrong with that!!

    Many thanks. KP.
  2. Auth This Area Only Please!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.