Question re whether to cancel or not?

  1. Hi,

    I'd just like to see people's thoughts please.

    I purchased a pair of shoes and recieved a completely different pair. I contacted the seller and they said they must have made and error and they would send me a prepaid bag to return them, said when they got them back they would send the correct pair. All good. We all make mistakes, so I had no problems with that.

    Couple of days later, I received an email to say that they had actually mixed up the orders, and sent my shoes to someone else, who said they really liked them and was keeping them. They had no others , and they ended the email with "Sorry".

    Now, stuff happens, but I was a tad annoyed, especially since the email didn't mention refunding me, only that they had sent the pre paid packet so please can I return their shoes to them as soon as possible. A couple of days later I received the pre paid package, nothing else attached, not even an email referencing "please can you send us back our shoes". I sent them back.

    Again, few days later I received a notice to cancel the auction. I thought that was a bit cheeky as I hadn't received the refund, but checking on Paypal, the refund had gone through the same day, no email advice though.

    So, the question is - I'd already decided that I wasn't going to leave any feedback, it's just one of those things really, but I guess I'm just ticked at their "oh well" attitude, and that they put the request through for cancellation, so they would get their fees back, without advising me they'd refunded or asking if I could mind cancelling or anything.

    I know if I just ignore the request, they'll get the fees back anyhoo, but I would appreciate your thoughts?

    Just ignore, know they'll get the fees back and that's it?

    Sorry, one other question. Did this open a case with eBay? I just went into the "ask the seller a question" on the auction when the wrong shoes arrived. I hadn't meant to open a case as i was happy dealing with the seller direct. Does anyone know? Is there anywhere I can check?
  2. I would leave a feedback. Also did you open an action? If not, then most likely no case was open.
  3. I can certainly understand that you feel annoyed at their lack of concideration shown. I don´t think there was a case, any seller can request to have a transaction cancelled. It won´t mean they have to open a case.

    I am not sure how I would have reacted. Let me give it some thought.
  4. Unfortunately if she switched orders she can't force the other buyer to return the item. And maybe the buyer got your nice shoes instead of a less expensive one she bought.

    I would accept the cancellation and skip leaving feedback.

    As far as communication goes, I don't think there is much more that was necessary. You should have received a PAypal message about the refund. Check your spam folder.
  5. Thanks all for your views.

    Noshoepolish - you're absolutely right - it was just an error, I guess I'm ticked that they didn't seem sorry at all!

    Petty of me really to have posted, especially when you see some of the horror stories here.

    I'll accept the cancellation and not leave feedback as I would have been happy if the other person hadn't kept the shoes and I'd received them.

    Is there anywhere I can check to see if I inadvertantly opened a case? I didn't mean to do that, I was just following the "ask a question" links on the auction page.

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    I've just gone into "Customer Support" and then "Resolution Centre" and there is a case open! Looks like the seller opened the case yesterday. "Problem" is listed as "Seller wants to cancel this transaction"

    There wasn't any reason given in the case, so I just accepted the cancellation with the message "refund received due to non receipt of item. Thank you"
  7. The seller could have handled it a little bit better... she made the error & she

    seemed so dismissive.... that would have annoyed me as well... you made

    the right decision & the other buyer who received your shoes in error should

    have sent them back & looked for them elsewhere...
  8. The language that eBay uses here is misleading - there's not really a case that's open. Whenever a seller sends a request to cancel a transaction, it labels it as a "case," when in actuality, this is different from a case that you'd file for INR or SNAD.
  9. Your seller has over 16000 feedback. Not sure whether you are dealing with a man or woman but you are dealing with a business as opposed to your small time seller. You are getting a business response to your problem, not a response from a small time seller.
  10. I have had one in the past. I eventually received mine but paid for the return shipping for a switched item. My seller neglected to pay me back. I was furious and left negavive feedback. Then, The seller magically appeared after 3 weeks of silence and asked me to remove the negative and offered to pay me back. I said "no thank you".
    I'm sorry that happened to you. I can see your disappointment. Your seller could have been a bit more sensitive. As noshoepolish said, they might be a business seller. But any businesses with a personal touch customers tend to come back often.
  11. I had a seller that sent me a pair of shoes that didn't fit. They accepted returns but what I really wanted to do was exchange for another size. I sent them an email requesting an exchange and just got a form email about how to return. I returned the item with a request for the exchange in the package. They gave me the refund but didn't respond to my request for the exchange. I was ticked off that they just ignored me. I was willing to pay additional shipping for the exchange.

    Your seller should have been more apologetic. Maybe they were embarrassed about their screwup.

    I don't think you can leave feedback anymore when an order has been cancelled. I haven't been able to recently. I returned a couple of fakes and haven't been able to leave feedback to warn others.
  12. Whether it was a large business or small time seller they should have been more apologetic. Mistakes do happen, but they got lucky that you were so nice and easy to deal with. I'm glad it all worked out for you. I'd be happy to have a buyer like you.:smile:
  13. ^exactly... this was a very understanding buyer... big or small business

    an apology should have been given not in such a dismissive manner
  14. Thanks for the kind words guys.

    I'm glad it turned out not to be a proper dispute case, because I know from here that that can "ding" accounts, and I hadn't meant to open a dispute.