Question re: Vocab

  1. Hello Purse Lovers!!
    I will be posting my Coach collection soon :yes: In the meantime, I am quite new here and I have noticed that husbands are referred to as "DH". Can someone please let me know what that means. Thank you :shame:
  2. it means Dear Husband/hubby... SO is significant other..
  3. haah I always saw it as Desperate Husband like play on words regarding Desperate Housewives lol.
  4. ...Yeah I always thought it meant "domestic husband," LOL!

    DF = dear Fiance

    PHH = Purse Hating Husband (!!) I think Jill (one of the mods here) coined that term! Love it!
  5. Thank you so so much Sherrymg :smile:
  6. Lately mine has been D@mn Husband!
  7. ahah I'm totally using that!! Instead of husband I can use boyfriend. PHB lol. Funny.
    PS I also love your profile headline!
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback!! I personally like Devoted Husband :o)
  9. I was wondering the same thing!!!
  10. LMAO!!

    hehehe, oh thanks! After figuring out what Sofa King was I just had to use it in there :wlae:.
  11. My DH says that it means 'da husband' hahahhaha
  12. It could also mean Doody Head if you are really PO'd! :feminist:

    OF course, I am not refering to my DH!! :tender:
  13. LOL! That's funny!
  14. I always thought it meant Darling Husband... now I know!

  15. LOLS Im totally going to use that too hahaha i bet we arent going to be the only ones either haha