Question re Violet/Grape Waitlist

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  1. Having never waitlisted for a Bbag before (only familiar with LV waitlisting)...are you guaranteed a bag if you waitlist with BalNY?

    Are the waitlists closed on this bag (for a city with RH)?
  2. I don't know that the waitlists close per se, but you are not guaranteed a bag just because you put your name on the list. It may be a good idea to waitlist at several places and whoever comes through first gets the sale. It just does't seem like BalNY actually knows what they are getting before they get it. Just my opinion, it may be different. Oh and they won't tell you where on the waitlist you are : )

    I wish you well,

  3. Thanks Bridget! What other stores do a waitlist for Bal colors? Do NM, Barneys, etc.?
  4. Actually, Bal NY has a list of how many items per color/style they are getting. And they can tell you how far along you are on the waitlist - but I guess it could very well depend on your relationship with your SA at BAL NY.

    You're never guaranteed a bag unless you are the first few people to get a spot (normally for bigger bags they get around 4 or so). Then if the any of the first 4 on the waitinglist end up not purchasing the bag, they go down the list of people who are waiting for it.
  5. WOW...only 4 bags? Yikes! So what else can you do? Call individual stores across the country asking for stock/waitlist?
    For example, I *think* I might want the violet city with RH...just start calling?

    Sorry to sound so dumb...but I'm new to this!
  6. If you want a Violet City with RH, I don't think you'll have much trouble getting one. Call BalNY and get on the waitlist & you'll probably get one. I would be surprised if you didn't get one. Supposedly Neiman's didn't order the Violet City w/RH (according to an SA who called the buyer for me), but I am having a hard time believing that!!
  7. I believe Aloha Rag ordered it, email them at, it's not exactly a waiting list as they don't do that but they will inform you as soon as they get them in, first come first serve.
  8. twiggers, BNY called me today to tell my Violet city with GSH was in. i passed only because i have already purchased the violet part time with GSH at LVR. I told my SA that i was also on the waitlist for the violet city with RH and she said that that list is the longest one. she did take a look at my place on the list and guaranteed me that i would be getting one, since i placed my order early.

    so yes, it does depend on your SA because some SA's will tell you if you will for sure get a bag...

    try online stores like aloha rag, who has free shipping and no duties or customs. plus no tax bc you are not from hawaii, where they are located.

    good luck!
  9. Aloha Rag is a good idea--just email and ask to be added to the notification list for the Violet City w/RH. As long as you jump on it when you get notified, you'll get it.

    My experience w/BNY is that even when their waitlist is long, people start dropping off like flies when the bags actually come in and they actually have to pony up the dough. Since they always get a lot of City bags, I think the chances are still pretty good. Worth a shot, anyway.
  10. I put myself on the notification list at Aloharag for a violet city; however, I contact Balenciaga Paris a while ago and they told me that they had no waiting list at all. they said if anyone's interested, they would simply write down your name and contact information and contact you when they receive stock. About a week ago, a SA faxed me and notified me that the requested item (violet Part Time) is in stock. I faxed over my credit card and shipping information the next day and it's on its way to me now.
  11. Thanks everyone! I will give BalNY a call on Monday...and also will email AlohaRag! I'd prefer BalNY though since they won't charge me restocking fee! it correct that balNY doesn't charge shipping fees or taxes if you don't reside in NY?

  12. I believe they do get re-shipments (sometimes), I might have misunderstood.
  13. does anyone know if aloha rag prices or more or less then niemans or bal...?
  14. Same. :yes:They are not legally allowed to charge more than the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). Plus they do free shipping if order is over $500 and no tax if you live outside Hawaii.
  15. it's true BalNY doesn't have a re-stocking fee but they also have a NO RETURN policy that only let's you return the original purchase one time and then you have to keep what you get. something to consider if you've never seen the bag IRL and think you might not like it...