Question Re: Vintage Lv - Help!

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences between the tags on the inside of the vintage bags compared to the contemporary ones? (ie; font, stitching, etc.)
  2. Did you have a bag in mind that we can look at ?

    French co. tags are little strips that just have the logo stamped on, like so.

  3. [​IMG] This is the label in question. old bag from the 70s I think?
  4. I've never seen an authentic LV with a label like that before, even the vintage ones. Did you win that eBay auction?
  5. was thinking about it but the auction already ended. too scared.
  6. I don't think that bag is real. I could be wrong, but that stamp looks strange :blink: Good thing you didn't bid on it, better safe than sorry.
  7. The font seems a little off, but then again if it is a vintage hmmmm...
  8. Yeah totally fake. Even vintage bags didn't have "LV" hotstamped. Bleh.
  9. Oh I'm so sorry for you :sad: That bag is totally a fake.....bummer. V
  10. Thanks guys. I'm so glad I joined this website!
    I feel like I dodged a bullet!:Push: