question re:vernis agenda and a tiffany pen

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Tiffany & CO. purse pen fits in the vernis agendas?? thanks
  2. Believe so.
  3. if that is the tiffany blue one then it does. i went to tiffany and tried it on in my fraboise. looks really pretty!
  4. i dont have that planned but i just waned to say the blue one is sooooooooooo pretty and perfect!!! i use it in my gucci planner andddd if ur getting it u might want to get the bookmark also to keep ur date ;) ;) ;)

    it is silver and has the same blue on it!!!! :smile: ull LOVE it!

    The pen was actually a little slim for my gucci planner, but i weaved some leather ribbon through the loop and it made the hole a little smaller, so the pen fit perfectly! :smile:

    hope that helps!
  5. yes..I was thinking of the blue and gold one also. My little pen holder seems really tight on my agenda. Is there any way to stretch it? It seems like I cant find a pen to fit it...besides oviously the LV one. I just dont want to spend over $200 on a pen.
  6. I love the tiffany pen.
  7. does anyone know if the small blue Tiffany & Co pen fit in the small (pm) agenda?? Thanks
  8. yes it will. i think it's call the purse pen or nail pen....but I use spacepen from eBay, 10 bucks, but the red looks devine!
  9. correction, Nail pen is actualy the name of LV pen, my mistake. You can find more info about what pen fits on PM agenda in our agenda club :yes:
  10. it doesn't. i've tried. the lv nails pens are much smaller.

    i've wrestled with wanting to stretch out the loop and make it fit cause it's so freaking cute.
  11. kallison, which Tiffany pen did you try? Tiffany's Purse pen is only .25 inch in diameter, less than .3 of LV's Nail pen, should fit in PM w/no problem. Fisher's Space Pen 'Stowaway' w/o clip version also fits perfectly. I used to own fisher's space pen for my koala agenda, it fits perfectly.
  12. i went a few months ago and tried ALL of tiffany's pens- none of them fit. so unless they got a new pen, or my azur agenda is messed up...i don't know. but, whatever.
  13. aw, i'm sorry the Tiffany pen won't fit, but if your agenda is brand spanking new, it might also need some time to loosen up a bit.
  14. My friend has a tiffany blue pen in her azur and i think it loooks soooo nice!!!!!!

    it fits perfectly!!!

  15. How do you loosen it up?