question re: the men's extra courier

  1. i just got mine in the mail from "bluefly" this morning, thinking i ordered the regular courier instead (oops!!! :p)...does anyone know if the extra large has silver hardware instead of brass, because that's what mine has (?) :confused1:...TIA guys & gals!!! :cutesy:
  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but now I wonder if I'm going to be getting the extra courier as well. The extra courier is going to be too big on me:sad:
  3. I believe that the extra courier is under "men's" and DOES have the silver hardware.:yes:

    Which color did you get?
  4. I just checked their website. They have this listed under men's:

    And this listed under women's (this is the one I ordered)

    But they give the same dimensions in the description????
  5. yay, thanks for your speedy reply ICB!!! :wlae:...i just wanna make sure it's kosher, ya know?!?!...on "bluefly", i didn't notice any specification about mens or womens, so i didn't realize that's what i ordered :push:...although i did wonder why it seemed more expensive than my last "bluefly" courier purchase (lol!!!) :p...but it's drop-dead gorgeous & looks like it's '07 cafe!!!...the leather's amazing & i love it even though it's huge on my little 5'2" frame...i'll take a picca with my trusty camera phone & post it soon!!! :heart:
  6. phew Angela, i'm so glad yours is the right size girl!!! :tup:...i never even noticed the "mens" & "womens" indicators above (DUH!!! must have been too early in the morning to notice...that's nuts that they've got the same size listed for both...that's good 'ole "bluefly" for ya though!!! :p...i'd been craving a bigger bag & i guess i got it (lol!!!)
  7. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I can't wait to see pics! I'd love to see how much a difference there is between the two sizes. I bet it's beautiful in Cafe'.
  9. I'm actually not sure I'm going to get the regular size, because the dimensions and the descriptions are the same for both bags. It's supposed to get here tomorrow, and now I'm totally nervous.

    I'm glad you love yours! Please post pics
  10. is it a keeper? can't wait for the pictures. congrats!
  11. And now the blue courier that I got is showing up in both the men's and women's section!!! :huh: Argggghhhh

    Alright. I need to stop obsessing and just wait for tomorrow, because I'm not going to know for sure until I get it
  12. thanks girl, i really think you got the women's though ;)...check your receipt & see how much you paid...the regular size would have been $940 before any special promotion codes...mine was over $1K before the the promo code, so i mistakenly thought "bluefly's" price went up or something :smash:...anywho, below is a really bad camera phone photo of mine...i'll try & take a better one when i get home tonight...i'm just hoping it doesn't swallow me when i try to put it on :sweatdrop:

  13. ^^ i think so, but the jury's still out

    p.s. below are 2 different courier sizes & stats :heart:

    Courier [159671] $1,175 23 x 15 x 8.5 adjustable shoulder strap leather tag only 3444

    Extra Courier [159688] $1,295 24 x 17 x 9 leather tag only 213048
  14. ^^ thanks girl, i'll take some tonight :okay:

    p.s. that is, as long as it doesn't eat me 1st :p
  15. The leather looks so soft and smooshy!

    Yeah, mine was over 1K as well. Like 1036. I think I'm getting the men's...