Question re: the color Gold

  1. I'm kind of bafled here with the color of the Gold on Birkin.

    Why is it that some are a tan color and some are dark?

    Like these two are different:

    And this one:

    it's much darker -

    Is there a different name for the lighter one??
    This is confusing!
  2. Hey Gis,

    No, it's just that the same colour can appear quite different depending on the leather. Vache Liegee typically makes gold paler, and sometimes has a slight pinkish cast to it - togo on the other hand, makes gold quite saturated in colour, and deeper. Clemence even more so!

    I think in the true H gold, VL would be the palest. It has a two-toned effect as well....slightly darker on the top of the grain, if you look close.